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Frequently Asked Questions
These are the most common questions asked about PC Chaperone. If you can't find an answer to your question here please Contact Us
Installing PC Chaperone
Internet Filters
Does PC Chaperone have a stealth option?
Yes, PC Chaperone includes a number of stealth options, including running completely silently so users won't know you're controlling or monitoring them
Do I still need PC Chaperone if I have Windows Vista or Windows 7?
The Windows Vista parental controls are quite basic and won't meet the needs of most parents. Here are a couple of the biggest shortcomings:
1) The scheduling tools only allow you to block off certain times with the user can't use the computer, but do not provide an option to limit access based on a maximum total run time. For example, if you want to let your kids use their computer at any time between 5:00pm and 10:00pm, but only for a maximum of 2 hours, the Vista parental controls will not be sufficient
2) There are no options to schedule access to individual programs. For example, if you just want to limit the amount of time your kids spend playing games the Vista parental controls cannot help
3) There are no options to schedule access to individual websites; they can only be completely blocked. With PC Chaperone, for example, you can set a schedule to limit to amount of time your kids spend on sites like MySpace and Facebook, or perhaps the time they spend playing online games
Additionally, one of the shortcomings of the Vista parental controls is that any user with the password to an administrator account can turn them on or off. This might not seem like an issue since you should create all user accounts as Standard User types, but we have reports from many parents that they had to give their children administrator passwords since several programs, including some popular games, will not run without it. This effectively defeats any advantage the parental controls provide
Do you have reseller programs?
Yes, we have many resellers. Contact Us For information on how to become a reseller
How often do you release new versions?
There is no set period between releases, but they are generally every one to two months

Aside from minor improvements and the occasional addition of a new feature, the main reason for these updates is to account for changes in supported instant messengers and Internet browsers that require us to refresh these program's fingerprints. In most cases these controls will continue to function properly without the update, unless there are major changes in the supported program

In general, checking for updates every two to three months is sufficient to ensure optimum protection
How many computers can I install PC Chaperone on?
Each license entitles you to install PC Chaperone on a single computer. You have to purchase a separate license for each computer you want to install PC Chaperone on
I bought a new computer and want to remove PC Chaperone from the old one and install it on the new one. Do I need to purchase a new license?
No, as long as PC Chaperone is not installed on both computers at the same time you will not be violating your license agreement
Do you offer multi-license discounts?
Yes, if you place an order of 2 licenses or more there are additional discounts.
To view the discounts go to the order page of the edition you are interested in, where you will find a link to view the discount rates
Installing PC Chaperone
Why was I told that I need administrator's access to install PC Chaperone?
During the installation process the PC Chaperone installer must make changes to the Windows setup. Specifically, PC Chaperone must be added to the list of programs that are started when Windows starts. Some restricted account types don't have sufficient rights to make these changes. Simply log into Windows with an account that has a higher security level and run the installation again

Windows Vista users will simply be prompted for a Administrator password
Why did my spyware detection or other security software identify PC Chaperone as a possible threat?
First, let us assure you that PC Chaperone does not pose any security threat to your computer. In fact, PC Chaperone has been certified by several independent shareware sites as being spyware and virus free

The reasons why you are seeing this warning are as follows:
1. The PC Chaperone monitoring program is added to the list of programs that are started when Windows starts. Since many spyware and viruses also add themselves to this list, most security software is designed to warn you when a new program is added to this list
2. Spyware and virus detection programs are designed to identify programs that include keystroke loggers. Keystroke loggers are used by spyware programs to capture passwords and other personal information and send it to the spyware creator

PC Chaperone is identified by spyware detection tools because it does include a keystroke logger as a reporting tool

PC Chaperone does not transmit any information gathered through it's keystroke logger to Precipice Software or any other entity. The gathering of information using the keystroke logger is only performed based on the PC Chaperone report generating settings
How secure is PC Chaperone?
Without the Administrators Password users cannot shut down the monitoring service, modify restrictions, or uninstall PC Chaperone

All critical PC Chaperone files are protected from deletion and all related Windows settings are protected from modification
Can program schedules be overridden by renaming their .exe file?
No, PC Chaperone restrictions cannot be defeated by renaming program files

PC Chaperone fingerprints program files using several features that cannot be modified by a user. Any attempt to defeat schedules by renaming the program file will not succeed

Instant Messengers, and Internet browsers have even more comprehensive checks that ensure restrictions cannot be overridden
Why are some websites being blocked when all the Internet filters are turned off?
If the Live Messenger (MSN) or Yahoo Instant Messengers controls are being used then some websites will be blocked by default

There are a number of internet based portals that can be used to access the MSN and Yahoo networks. PC Chaperone is designed to block access to these portals if there are any MSN or Yahoo users being controlled by PC Chaperone to prevent users from accessing these portals and defeating their limits

In addition PC Chaperone will block Internet based proxies for the same reasons
How do I allow access to a website is being blocked by the Internet Filters?
Simply add the website to the URL White List. This list takes precedence over all other rules
How do I block access to a website that is on the PC Chaperone white list?
Simply add the website to the URL Black List. This list takes precedence over all other rules, except the URL White List
How do I modify the message on the web page that is displayed when a user attempts to view a prohibited page?
In the PC Chaperone installation directory (generally c:\program files\pc chaperone\) there is a file called Prohibited.html. Make a copy of this file, giving it any name you wish. The copy can be placed anywhere, but we recommend leaving it in the PC Chaperone directory

Open this copy in a text editor, such as Notepad, Wordpad, or any word processor, and make the necessary changes. This is a very simple HTML file that won't require any HTML knowledge to edit

Open the PC Chaperone console and go to the Violation Action option under the Internet Access options for the policy you want to change the message for. Change the filename under the Redirect to the following web page option to the new file
How is a Domain Schedule different then the Browser Schedule?
The Browser Schedule will control all Internet browsing activity, while Domain Schedules are used to control access to only specific domains

As an example, if a Domain Schedule is created and the domains MySpace.com and FaceBook.com are added to it, the user will be restricted in how long they can access these domains only
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