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URL Black List
The URL black list identifies web pages that have been determined to contain undesirable content
1. Importing custom lists
The Import / Copy button is used to either copy lists from other security policies or to import lists from text files. Text files need to be formatted with only one web site per line to be imported properly
2. How web pages are compared to custom black list entries
A web page is compared to the custom black list by checking for the black list entry in both the web page's address and its title. This comparison is in fact a keyword comparison. For example, if the string "XXX" is entered as a black list entry then any page that has the text "XXX" in either the address or the page title will be considered a match
3. Blocking entire domains
To block an entire domain, such as "", enter just the main domain name on the URL Black List, in this case "". Note that the "http://" and "www" portions are automatically removed from the entered URL. This rule will also block sub-domains, such as ""
4. Filter rule precedence
The customizable URL black list takes precedence over all other filters except the customizable URL White List. Therefore, if a web site with undesirable content is passing the PC Chaperone White List rules it can be blocked by adding it to the customizable URL black list