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PC Chaperone Definitions
These are basic definitions of some of the terms used in this manual. More extensive descriptions are available in the related sections
Configuration Console
The configuration console is the main PC Chaperone interface used to modify user access restrictions
Monitor Service
The monitor service refers to the program that imposes the restrictions. The monitor service runs in the background, interacting with the user only when necessary
Security Policies
A Security Policy is a list of rules that defines access restrictions and activity monitoring. A security policy by itself does not enforce any restrictions until user accounts are added to it
User Accounts
User Accounts identify individuals and are added to Security Policies to enforce the restrictions defined in the policy
URL White List
A URL White List is a list of web pages that have been approved as having safe content
URL Black List
A URL Black List is a list of web pages that have been identified as having prohibited content
System Tray
The System Tray refers to the portion of the Windows desktop where the time and icons of certain running programs can be found. Typically this is found on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen