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SMTP Server Settings
The SMTP Server settings tell PC Chaperone how to send email. These are the same settings used in Outlook, or any other email program you may be using. The necessary information can be retrieved from most email programs, or you can contact your Internet Service Provider
Outgoing SMTP Mail Server
This is the name of your email server as provided by your Internet Service Provider. For example, if you are using AOL for your Internet service your SMTP Server Name is likely

If you are unsure of your SMTP Server contact your Internet Service Provider
From Email Address
This is the email address the email notifications will appear to be coming from

Although email notifications will sometimes work if this is a fake email address it is strongly recommended that you use a valid email address since most email servers will return error messages to the originating email address if there is an error, such as the destination mail box being full

Some SMTP Servers will only send email if the From address is a valid email address on that server
To Email Address
This is the email address that all Email Notifications will be sent to. This can be any valid email address
Port Number
This is an advanced setting that can usually be left at the default value of 25

The Port identifies the port used to send email. Most email servers use port 25, but some Internet Service Providers require a different port

Your Internet Service Provider can tell you what port is used to send email
Server Requires Authentication
Some SMTP Servers require a username and password to send email. If so this option must be turned on and a valid username and password must be provided

If you are not sure if your SMTP Server requires authentication, or what your username and password are, contact your Internet Service Provider