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Internet Content Filters
The Internet content filters are designed to restrict access to pages that match the filter criteria

These filters rely on both URL lists and dynamic filters to classify millions of websites
The content filters include the following categories:
Adult Content
This filter is designed to block web pages with adult content using both an extensive black list and powerful dynamic filters

These filters are designed to block as many adult content sites as possible without blocking more legitimate sites then necessary. This is a delicate balance when dynamically evaluating a site, so it is expected that some innocent content sites will be blocked and that some adult content sites will be permitted

There are two restriction level options:
This option will block a larger number of sites, but may also block sites with innocent content, such as medical sites
This option reduces the likelihood of innocent sites being blocked, but will also allow more sites with true adult content
Casinos and gambling content
This filter is designed to block access to online casinos and other gambling web pages
Shareware sites
This filter is designed to block access to shareware and freeware sites that are used to download various types of software
Warez and hacker sites
This filter is designed to block access to websites that promote software piracy by providing serial numbers, program trial period defeating "crack" software, and pirated full programs

These sites are common sources of viruses. Also, severe penalties can result from the use of pirated software. This is a major concern for employers since the activities of an employee can result in tens of thousands of dollars in fines or more, even if only a single instance of pirated software is found
Term Papers / Plagiarism
This filter is designed to block access to websites that provide term papers and encourage cheating
Social Networking Sites
This filter is designed to block access to hundreds of social networking sites, such as,, as well hundreds of lesser known dating, networking, and picture sharing sites
News sites
This filter is designed to block access to news websites, such as
Advanced Options
The Advanced Options are used to define how PC Chaperone reacts when the user attempts to view a prohibited web page
If the Close action is selected the web browser will be closed. If the Redirect option is selected the web page identified will be loaded in place of the prohibited page
By default PC Chaperone is set to redirect to a page that indicates that the requested page could not be loaded
1. Filter effectiveness
As extensive as the PC Chaperone filters are we cannot guarantee that all web pages in each category will be prevented, or that some pages with innocent content will not be filtered

Many companies associated with adult content are continuously employing new methods to defeat filtering software, and some will even purchase existing benign domain names and change them to include their content

Any Internet filtering software that guarantees the removal of 100% of undesirable content while allowing 100% of the innocent content is being deceptive

Filtering is only one step. A complete protection plan must also include education and monitoring