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Getting Help
Before contacting PC Chaperone support please make sure you have the most recent version installed since your issue may have already been addressed in an update. This will also ensure that the PC Chaperone support team has access to all the tools they expect to find in your installation of PC Chaperone

The current version can be found under the Help | About menu option. Updates can also be checked by selecting the File | Check For Updates menu option

Please provide as much information as possible to help us help you as quickly as possible. For example, simply telling us that the Internet filters are not working without providing any details of the users settings and what is happening will delay the eventual solution since our support team will have to respond and ask for this information

PC Chaperone support is available via email only. There are several reasons why we do not offer phone support. First, email support allows us to provide solutions in less time then we could by phone. Our experience has shown that an issue that can be addressed in 30 seconds through can take 10 minutes or more by phone. Email therefore allows more efficient use of our support team, meaning we can provide quick service without increasing the cost of our products to account for the extra cost of support personal. Even more important is that this system allows our program developers to provide support. This means that when you contact our support staff you are talking to someone who knows the product intimately and is actually able to make changes very quickly if necessary. It also means that you have the opportunity to actually affect the program features since you are dealing with the top-level decision makers. We feel this is a much better system then using support personal that will lack the in-depth product knowledge of how the program works behind the scenes

PC Chaperone support can be contacted through Customer Support page

Our support team can also be contacted directly at
1. Support email and avoiding SPAM filters
When emailing PC Chaperone support please include the text "PC Chaperone" in your subject line. This will ensure that your email is not accidentally deleted by our SPAM filters and will ensure a prompt reply
Debug Logging
The Debug Logging tools are designed to collect information that will assist PC Chaperone support staff in tracking down problems. These tools should only be used in concert with PC Chaperone support staff and should not be used to attempt to monitor user activity. These logging tools are not designed for continuous use and will use significant system resources resulting in degraded performance

Using Debug Logging

To use the debug logging tools follow the procedure outlined below:
1. Turn the Debug Logging
Debug logging can be turned on and off using either the Help | Debug Logging menu option in the configuration console or by selecting the Debug Logging menu option from the PC Chaperone's System Tray Icon's menu
2. Duplicate the error
Close the configuration console and duplicate the original error. For example, if a web page that has been added to the URL Black List is not being blocked then attempt to open this page again. It is imperative that the error is reproduced or the necessary information will not be collected
3. Send the files to PC Chaperone support
Select the Compress Files option from the Help | Debug Logging menu option in the configuration console. This will ask for a destination folder, where a file called will be created. Attach this file to an email and send it to
4. Turn the debug logging back off
This step is absolutely necessary to prevent PC Chaperone from consuming excessive system resources