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Installation Notes
These are some of the most common problems encountered during the installation process and when PC Chaperone is first run. If further problems are encountered while installing or setting up PC Chaperone please contact our support staff at
The installation requests an account with administrator access
When installing and running PC Chaperone for the first time an error may appear indicating that the current Windows user does not have sufficient rights to complete the installation

The reason for this error is that during the installation process PC Chaperone must make changes to Windows that failed because the current Windows account is restricted from making the necessary changes

To overcome this error log onto Windows with an account that has Administrator rights. Note that once the necessary changes have been made PC Chaperone will function properly for all account types
Security programs identifying PC Chaperone as a potential risk
Some virus scanners, anti-spyware programs, and the Windows Vista Windows Defender service may identify PC Chaperone as a potential security risk

First, be assured that PC Chaperone does not contain any viruses or spyware and has been independently tested and deemed free of malicious viruses, spyware, and adware. More information on these independent tests can be found on the PC Chaperone website

For PC Chaperone to function properly it must be given permission to run if permission is required by your security software. If there are several Windows accounts that PC Chaperone will be run under it may be necessary to do this for each account by logging into Windows under these accounts and granting permission when asked by your security software.
There are two reasons why a security program would falsely identify PC Chaperone as a risk:
1. PC Chaperone adds itself to the list of programs that are started automatically when Windows starts

This is necessary since the monitoring and control service must be running to enforce user restrictions. Most viruses and spyware programs also add themselves to this list. As a result virus scanners and anti-spyware programs monitor this list and report any new programs as potential threats
2. PC Chaperone includes a keystroke logger

A keystroke logger is a program that monitors and logs user keyboard input. Spyware programs usually use keystroke loggers to gather personal information, such as credit card numbers and passwords

The keystroke logger in PC Chaperone will only record keystrokes when directed to do so by the Administrator. If the option to generate keystroke reports is turned off PC Chaperone will not log keystrokes
Under no circumstances does PC Chaperone collect or transmit any information to Precipice Software or any other entity