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Internet Access Controls
PC Chaperone's Internet access controls include several tools designed to control and monitor Internet browsing activities

Content is controlled through robust Internet filters

Schedules can be set to limit the amount of time users spend on the Internet

Advanced domain level schedules can be used to set different time limits for different web sites. Using domain schedules, for example, access to sites such as can be limited without affecting access to other sites

The Internet monitoring tools help identify undesirable activities
(Professional edition only)
1. Supported browsers
PC Chaperone supports the following internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox (version 1.5 or greater), Mozilla SeaMonkey, Netscape 7.x, and AOL Explorer

Other browsers can be blocked using the Program Access Control tools, or their installation can be prevented using the Prevent new program installations option in the Windows Security Options
2. Handling Internet proxy servers
A proxy server is a computer located on the Internet that acts as a middleman between the Internet browser and the web page being requested. They effectively hide the address of the requested web site and will fool most Internet filters

The only defence most filtering software take against proxy servers is to add the servers to their block list. This technique is only moderately effective since individuals and organizations determined to override Internet filters for all users are continuously adding new proxies. A determined user can always find a proxy server that has not been added to the block list

IN addition to providing proxy block lists PC Chaperone takes a different approach that looks past the web page's source address being hidden by the proxy to see the original source location in a way that defeats the vast majority of proxy servers. This approach provides better security then trying to maintain a block list of proxy servers and doesn't require continuous updates
3. Overriding Internet filters
A prohibited web page can be viewed if the Administrators password is provided
4. Filter precedence
PC Chaperone checks filter rules in the following order:
1. If the web page is on the customizable URL White List it is permitted and no further checks are made
2. If the web page is not on the customizable URL White List or the PC Chaperone white list and the Deny access to domains not on the white list option is turned on the site will not be permitted and no further checks will be made
3. If the web page is on the customizable URL Black List it is prohibited and no further checks are made
4. If the PC Chaperone white list is included and the web page is on it then it is permitted and no further checks are made
5. If the web page is on any of the included Content Filters then it is not permitted