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PC Chaperone provides flexible and robust access controls designed for use by parents, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, governments, and private enterprise to control and monitor computer use

The core functionality of PC Chaperone is an effective time management system designed to offer complete control over which programs can be used at what times, and for how long. Additional Internet options include robust content filters and advanced instant messenger controls for AOL, MSN, and Yahoo Instant Messengers. When combined with the user activity monitoring tools, PC Chaperone offers complete protection

PC Chaperone is 100% multi-user ready. Using a security model that employs shareable security policies adds infinite flexibility while making the task of configuring and maintaining PC Chaperone quick and easy. This model employs two different types of objects: security policies and user accounts. A security policy is simply a set of rules. A user account identifies a unique user. A security policy can be shared by many user accounts, or can be unique to one user. This allows the grouping of several users under one policy, meaning that a separate set of restrictions don't have to be defined for each user