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Introduction to Security Policies
A security policy is a set of rules that define access restrictions and a list of users that those restrictions apply to

A security policy can have as many users as needed, but a user cannot be added to more then one policy

Grouping users together using security policies simplifies the task of configuring and maintaining PC Chaperone. Before creating any policies it is generally useful to consider which users can be grouped together. For example, in the home it may make sense to have an "Older Children" policy for teenagers and a "Younger Children" policy for small children. In the office separating user according by department, such as "Accounting" and "Sales" may make the most sense
1. Policy configuration tools
Security policies can be managed either through the configuration wizard, which is opened when a new policy is created, or through the main console. All of the steps outlined in this manual apply to both methods, with all screenshots taken from the configuration wizard
Tips and Hints
1. Make a Plan
Taking a few minutes to organize user groupings can make a huge difference in the amount of time it takes to set up PC Chaperone