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Program Schedules
PC Chaperone's time management tools include powerful scheduling tools designed to limit program access

For maximum flexibility PC Chaperone allows schedules to be shared with multiple programs
1. Limiting access to only approved programs
The Allow access to ONLY the listed programs option is used to restrict access to only approved programs. Any attempt to access any other program will result in the program being minimized

Unauthorized programs will not be terminated as a safety measure against overlooked services such as virus scanners from being terminated if the user opens their console. Minimizing unauthorized programs has the same effect as terminating them since they will still be unusable
2. Internet schedules and Instant Messenger schedules
(Premium and Professional editions only)
Schedules for Internet browsing control and AOL, MSN, and Yahoo instant messengers are set using the Internet and Instant Messenger tools. These programs should not be controlled using the standard program access control tools. This does not apply for the Basic edition, in which the only controls available for these programs are the standard program access control tools
Tips and Hints
1. Group similar programs together
Grouping similar programs under the same schedule, such as computer games, will result in the schedule being shared by all the programs in the group. For example, if a "Games" group is created with four games and a maximum daily run duration of three hours then the user will be able to play any or all of the games, but only for a maximum of three hours