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Remote Configuration Location
(Professional Edition Only)
The Remote Configuration Location is used to move the configuration files to a central location where they can be shared by multiple workstations. This allows the setup and maintenance of multiple workstations without having to modify each workstation separately

The remote location is typically on a server or a master computer in a peer-to-peer network

Each time the Configuration Console is opened, or a user logs in, the configuration files are copied from the remote location. If the remote location is unavailable then the monitor service will use last known configuration. This allows PC Chaperone to be effective even if the computer the remote configuration files are located is unavailable

Changes made through the configuration console are automatically copied to the remote location when the console is closed, or can be manually updated using the Options | Remote Config Files | Update Remote Config Files menu option
1. Action when a remote configuration location is set to a location that already has PC Chaperone files
If a remote location is selected that has PC Chaperone configuration files these files will be copied to the local machine. If the Administrator's Login for these remote files is different then the current login the Administrator's login form will be opened and the proper login for the remote files will have to be provided to continue using the configuration console
Tips and Hints
1. Format remote location path as a UNC path
PC Chaperone accepts UNC paths, which eliminates the need to have the same drive mapping on each workstation. UNC paths take the format \\servername\volume\path\