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Reporting Options
The reporting options determine how and where the User Monitoring log files will be created. These options are accessed by selecting the Reports | Repoting Options menu option
Encrypt the Log Files
If this option is turned on the log files will be encrypted, preventing unauthorized users from spying on other users by viewing the log files

Encrypted log files are decrypted using the Report Wizard
Lock the Log Files
If this option is used to lock all existing and new log files to prevent their deletion. If this option is turned off it will be possible for users to delete their own log files

The only time this option should be turned off is if the log files will be located on a remote computer
Log File Location
There are two options for the log file location
1. Default Location
This option will save the log files into the common PC Chaperone directory on the workstation

The actual directory may vary from one version of Windows to another and may not be the same on each workstation. For example, with Windows Vista this directory is typically "C:\ProgramData\PCC"
2. Custom Location
This option is used to save the log files in another directory or on another computer
1. The Reporting Options apply to all security policies