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Viewing User Monitoring Reports
To view user monitoring reports select the Reports | View Reports menu option
To open a report first select the type of report to be viewed, then select the user you want to view the available reports for, and finally select the report from the list of available reports
To save a report to an HTML file that can be viewed using any web browser select the File | Save As menu option
The File menu includes options to print reports
To delete a single report select it and then select the Delete | Delete Report menu option
To delete all reports for the currently selected user select the Delete | Delete All menu option
1. User Types
The user names for the Instant Messenger reports refer to the messenger user's name. The user names for the remaining report types refer to the PC Chaperone user
2. Missing Users
All users may not appear for each report type since only users that have reports available for viewing are shown. If, for example, an MSN user that is being monitored has not engaged in any conversations that were recorded the user will not appear in the list of MSN users
3. Report Formats
Reports are formatted using standard HTML and can be viewed using any Internet browser, assuming the "Encrypt Log Files" option has not been turned on (see the Reporting Options section)
4. Encrypted reports
Encrypted files will be automatically decrypted when they are selected. If the log file was created using a different Administrator's password then the current password you will be prompted for the correct password
5. Saving encrypted reports
Encrypted files can be saved in a decrypted format that can be viewed using any Internet browser by opening the report in the report viewer and selecting the File | Save As menu option