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Stealth Options
PC Chaperone allows two levels of stealth:
Stealth Options
With this option all warning messages are suppressed, the System Tray Icon is hidden and the PC Chaperone icon is removed from the desktop
When the stealth option is turned on typing the Console Access Code at any time in any program will open the PC Chaperone console login form
Warning Messages
These options are used to suppress specific warning messages in cases where it is not necessary to run PC Chaperone in stealth mode, but there is the need to prevent certain warning messages
Note that all of these warning message flags are not present in the Basic and Premium editions
1. Control Access Code
Since the Console login form will be opened when this code is typed, in any program, common words should be avoided
The Console Access Code does not replace the Administrator's Password. After typing the Console Access Code you will still be required to provide the Administrator's Password as protection against a user accidentally gaining access to the Console if they type the Console Access Code
2. Schedule Warnings
If a schedule warning is turned off the user will not be warned before PC Chaperone closes the program. This could cause a user to lose unsaved data. This is especially dangerous if there are Windows schedules since the computer could be unexpectedly turned off without any warning when the schedule expires