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Unrestricted User Accounts
Unrestricted users will be able to access the computer without any limitations. The only exceptions are the Instant Messenger controls (Premium and Professional Editions), which are associated with the messenger user name and are independent of the PC Chaperone or Windows user account
The information required to add a user depends on the User Account Type setting:
If the User Account Type is set to mirror the Windows user accounts then the only required information is the user name (Fig 1). This user name must match a Windows user name
If the User Account Type is set unique PC Chaperone users a user name and password must be provided (Fig 2)
The Advanced button is used to change the User Account Type
Fig 1
Fig 2
Common Problems
1. User Accounts entered improperly when the User Account Type is set to mirror the Windows user accounts
The symptoms of this error is a user that is being restricted by the Default Policy or receives a warning message indicating that the current Windows user has not been added to PC Chaperone
PC Chaperone provides three tools to help with this problem:
1. When a user account is added to a policy the current Windows user account name will be displayed, as PC Chaperone sees it. This helps ensure the user names are being formatted properly
2. If the current Windows user cannot be found when the user logs in a message will be displayed indicating the error and giving the current Windows user name, as PC Chaperone sees it
3. Confirmation of the current PC Chaperone user and policy in effect can be seen by selecting the User Info option from the PC Chaperone's System Tray Icon. This will also display the current Windows account name, which can be used as a reference if the user information shows the wrong user or policy
1. Unrestricted Users Accounts do not affect the Instant Messenger controls
Since the Instant Messenger controls are placed on the messengers user name and are separate from the PC Chaperone policy users, adding a user to the Unrestricted Users list has no effect on the Instant Messenger controls