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Windows Security Options
PC Chaperone provides a number of options designed to secure critical Windows settings
Prevent Changes to the Windows Date / Time
This option is used to prevent changes to the Windows date/time. This setting is critical if there are any schedules being enforced in order to prevent users from overriding schedule limits by resetting the current date or time

The Only the Windows Date/Time dialog option will block access to the standard Windows date/time change dialog, but will allow changes by other programs. This option should be used if synchronization software is being used that periodically updates the date/time from either a local network or the Internet

The All sources option will block all changes to the date/time, including changes made by other programs
Prevent New Program Installations
This option prevents most installation programs from running, preventing the installation of unauthorized programs
Disable Windows Registry Editing Tools
This option prevents the user from editing the Windows Registry using the Windows registry tools
Disable the Task Manager (Ctr+Alt+Del)
This option prevents the user from accessing the Windows Task Manager, preventing them from terminating critical programs such as virus scanners, firewalls, and other security tools using the Task Manager
Disable the MS-DOS Window
This option prevents the user from opening an MS-DOS window, which can be used to run malicious programs
Disable MS Config
This option prevents the user from accessing the MS Config utility, which can be used to modify critical Windows settings
1. Disabling the Task Manager removes the option of terminating programs using the Task Manager if a program stops responding
2. Disabling the Windows Settings may also disable the Windows Date/Time change dialog on some computers